your portal to finding Love!

have you recently discovered an incredible Yearning that makes your Heart swell? do you Feel sickly at the thought of spending a second alone and untouched? does your Heart feel the need to be tenderized with tenderness?

if you were like me a few mere days ago, you may have never considered...


you may have believed in Its existence, but never that It was a true necessity! Love was a tool to make your Heart race at the mandatory minimum 300 BPM required for service!

this is not the case. you should consider Love as more than that! i have discovered that Love stems from a Desire to be held and cared for.....this realization is very freeing! ♡⌣♡

this is my website where i will help you learn about Love and Its processes and how to cope with Love-related afflictions and errors.

what is Love?

despite finding myself suddenly drowning in Yearning and Love-filled thoughts? i have no idea what It is. It makes me incredibly Happy and guilty. those are two conflicting things?! i want to revel in the fuzziness of being in Love but whenever i see through the fuzz, i am swallowed by sadness because not everyone will be able to feel This Way. some people are bogged down by the heaviness of others. their eyes are covered by the hand of someone evil. if we were only to cut off that hand, mutilate it whole, then they could see the abundance of love they can have. that hand warps into their body and lo and behold, their face is completely obscured by a mass of flesh they can never remove. there are sick people! and they won't ever find Love. i refuse to think about their writhing tumors. because in the present, we can be Loved! we can be treated Correctly by people we Care about today. if we are always dwelling on the past, then we will never be able to feel loved! Love isn't just a feeling! it's how you find Yourself. and knowing that some people have been dealt an unfair hand hurts me so much...

as you can tell, It is a lot of Feelings that are too abstract for me to explain without going off on a rant!! abstract thoughts require abstract words. simply, i would describe Love as...

i am not very good with words but i Hope this helps you understand the general concept of Love. if you need further help, i have compiled a list of symptoms...

symptoms of Yearning, Aching, and most tragically, Love

DISCLOSURE: if you are a biotic, please consult your anthrobiologist if you are facing these symptoms.
it could be Love youre Feeling, but it could also be arrhythmia, peripheral artery disease, the activation of a payload, or any other type of affliction.

this symptom list has been peer reviewed by the head of the Empyrean Biotechnologies Institute (and my Beloved), doctor geiger. they once fell in Love but unfortunately has since recovered. she said that my symptom list is "good" which should really be all you need to place your heart's full Faith in me.

1) Romance On the Brain!
2) A Need to "Deconstruct at the Wrist"!
3) Touchstarvation and Other Aches!
4) Heresy!